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Lionel Messi recorded his 400th goal for Barcelona this weekend in a 2-0 win over Valencia. In a world where players in the spirit of Messi—players who can slow down time and make your heart beat quicker—are considered superfluous, or even detrimental, to the demands of the modern team, the Argentine still defies football”s logic with the same mischievousness and audacity that captured the world”s attention in 2004.

Choosing Messi”s ten greatest goals is an exercise of love. How can a smile not come to your face watching this pint-sized rascal turn into a merciless colossus when he steps onto a pitch, leaving defenders red-faced and spectators bursting with joy? Every goal is a masterpiece, done with a combination of brutal precision and childlike innocence. But no arrangement of words will ever suffice. It’s better online casino to let Messi’s feet tell this story.

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