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We”re giving away a signed DeAndre Yedlin illustration, plus copies of FIFA 15 and PES 2015

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As Eight by Eight enters its second year, we”re turning things back to you.

Whether you”re a subscriber to the print magazine, read The Pitch, or just follow on Instagram, your feedback is incredibly important to us. Filling out this relatively painless—we hope!—reader survey will help us gain a better understanding of who we serve, what stories and subjects we should and shouldn”t be covering, and target advertisers online casino canada that might be interested in funding what we do.

The good news: It”s a very easy survey.

The better news: By taking the survey, you”re automatically entered to win one of three great prizes.

Prize I: A limited-edition print of Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo”s issue 04 illustration of DeAndre Yedlin, signed by the man himself. Yes, SIGNED by DeAndre Yedlin. You can read Andrew Helms” feature on the Sounders-gone-Spurs man right here.

Prize II: A copy of FIFA 15, for PS4.

Prize III: A copy of PES 2015, for PS4.

The fine print: This survey will be online for one week, until Monday, April 6. If you fill out the survey, and enter a valid email, you are automatically entered in the contest.


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